Sarcophagus Fragment, Roman, ca. 240-250 CE, The Art Institute of Chicago

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Large Roman Camp Found in Cumbria

The discovery of a large Roman camp in North Western England is an extremely important find and adds a new piece the the Roman Britain puzzle. As the article states, a Roman presence in that specific area has been hypothesized, but never proven. This camp obviously shows that the Romans where there, but when and for how long remains a mystery. It is interesting to think that this camp may have belonged to the Agricola period or before, but there is no way to tell without digging. I'm saddened to hear that excavations are not planned for this site, but that certainly may change in the future. I know it's impossible to dig up every archaeological site, so for now we'll have to hypothesize about the history of this Roman camp.