Sarcophagus Fragment, Roman, ca. 240-250 CE, The Art Institute of Chicago

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wie viel ist ein Flugticket nach Xanten?

Speaking of museums! The new museum at the Roman baths in Xanten, Germany appears to be everything I could hope for in a museum and more. Not only is there a large, artifact rich museum to immerse yourself in Roman culture, but the complex houses continued excavations. The building, which melds contemporary architecture with red gabled roofs helps recreate the feel of the original Roman architecture without looking like a theme park. The inside sounds fascinating, though my preliminary Internet research didn't dig up too much information. I did find some pictures, which are linked below. I am happy that a whopping $35 million was invested in this project. A common theme in my blog entries is protecting ancient sites, and I will reiterate that point again. Italy should take pay attention to what other European countries are doing with their ancient sites and take note. I hope to find out more about this new museum, so stay tuned.


Leif said...

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