Sarcophagus Fragment, Roman, ca. 240-250 CE, The Art Institute of Chicago

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

French Romans in Oklahoma

If had unlimited funds and time, my dream vacation would be a grand tour of the entire Roman Empire. I would start in Rome and go from there; from southern Scotland to the Euphrates. No ancient ruin or museum would I let go unstudied. Now, I'm sure that trip would take more vacation time than my job currently gives me, but dreams are sometimes meant to be unreasonable. Fortunately, I live in a world that does a relatively good job in sharing it's culture. Hence Roman Art from the Louvre at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I tend to get overly excited about all things Roman, but this exhibit really gets my pulse racing. Not only are the artifacts first rate, but the exhibit its self is a wonderful balance of artistic representation and historical substance. The juxtaposition between "wealthy"and "poor" artifacts I find especially interesting. Too often the general public sees the ancient world in the form of gold and marble. This exhibit should be a refreshing reminder of the huge class differences that existed in the Roman world and perhaps will teach museum goers that society hasn't changed all that much in 2,000 years. Now, if I only had the funds and time for a trip to Oklahoma.....